Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Quizzing Update

Two nice event coming up this week:

Thursday: Mastermind Prelims
7 pm, 2lt 2
Format: Mastermind is a Non-comp. The prelims are open to all. No teams. There will be seven seperate categories :SciTech, Sports, HistMyth, Literature-Arts,Movies and Ent,Business and India ; and you have to select 3 or 4 that you are most comfortable with.The winners from each category get to go on to the finals where its a different story and you can ask me in person about it.

Friday: Lone Wolf
7 pm, SAC CR
Format: Lone Wolf is probably the most exciting of the events.First there will be prelims based on which 3 wildcards will be selected and join the 11 finalists which are the official entry of each hostel.Everyone should try as theres a good enough chance of qualifying (I qualified as a faccha last year)
In the finals ,if a guy gives a correct answer,he decides which player the next question goes to.If that guy doesnt know the answer, he gets points docked off him. Ppl kept getting eliminated based on points and usually alot of "bigwigs" get eliminated while a few "unknowns" advance forward. Himadri even managed to win it a few years back.(With No offence to girls).
In any case,everyone should come and watch this events.


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