Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Quizzing Update

Two nice event coming up this week:

Thursday: Mastermind Prelims
7 pm, 2lt 2
Format: Mastermind is a Non-comp. The prelims are open to all. No teams. There will be seven seperate categories :SciTech, Sports, HistMyth, Literature-Arts,Movies and Ent,Business and India ; and you have to select 3 or 4 that you are most comfortable with.The winners from each category get to go on to the finals where its a different story and you can ask me in person about it.

Friday: Lone Wolf
7 pm, SAC CR
Format: Lone Wolf is probably the most exciting of the events.First there will be prelims based on which 3 wildcards will be selected and join the 11 finalists which are the official entry of each hostel.Everyone should try as theres a good enough chance of qualifying (I qualified as a faccha last year)
In the finals ,if a guy gives a correct answer,he decides which player the next question goes to.If that guy doesnt know the answer, he gets points docked off him. Ppl kept getting eliminated based on points and usually alot of "bigwigs" get eliminated while a few "unknowns" advance forward. Himadri even managed to win it a few years back.(With No offence to girls).
In any case,everyone should come and watch this events.


Friday, September 18, 2009

It's a jungle out there..



Sunday, August 16, 2009

First Blood

Hey guys.The first comp event of the year is up! Details:

Name: First Blood:
Time: 7:00 pm
date: 18th august
There will be 3 wild cards(For starters - means one hostel team can qualify for the finals through the prelims)
Two members.For more information,contact me:


Quizmasters:Prateek Singh and Lochab.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Holiday Homework?

Hey all.I hope you all are having a nice time.
I was just skimming through last year's Mastermind Non comp..and there were some questions I didnt know the answer to.So I thought its a nice oppurtunity to publish a long overdue post.

1)The film 'west side story; tell the story of west side of what?

2)Heres a funny one,if your guesses matches the work of most Indian archaelogists,then you might just get points for answering where the earliest earthquake in the Indian subcontinent took place?
a.Mohenjodaro b.Lothal c. Dholavira d. Kalibangan
(Directly quoted from the quiz)

3)In the early 18th century in Meena Bazaar, Lahore a dwarf was assigned the responsibility of opening all the shops in the market. What practice originates from this convention?

4) What takes its name from a ridge (meaning 'the ridge of white waters' in Afrikaans) upon which Johannesburg is built- also the source of 40% of gold ever mined?

5)Which was the first Hindi serial to be made in South India?

6)It is a common misconception in America that when X ran for Vice-President,he got only 110 votes.However,he actually got 110 delegates(who were about 360 in number at that time),which is quiet good considering that he had been an unknown Illinois Senator before the elections.X went on to become President in the next elections.

7)X and his father were helpless when the powerful clan Y asked his sister's hand in marriage for their eldest son. They couldn't refuse.X vowed vengeance on the clan.On his father's death,he fashioned his "weapon" out of his father's thighs.He then used this "weapon",which supposedly would do as he bid, to fashion the destruction of Y.Give X and his "weapon".

8)Which famous building was built during WWII to save structural steel?

9)Connect :

a) The _____________ is an international award for study at the University of Oxford and was the first large scale programme of International scholarships.Winners may study any full time post-grad courses offered by the University-whether a taught master's programme,research degree or a second undergrad degree(Senior status)

b) Debeers

P.S: Please mention whether you're taking a guess or whether you're pretty sure of the answer.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Genesis 1

Prelims 1) In the medieval , a bell was ringed at a fixed time in the evening as an order to bank the hearths and prepare for sleep. The custom originated as a precaution against fires and was common throughout Europe in the Middle Ages. This gave rise to the word “X”, which comes from the French for “cover fire”. X has most recently been used in times of turbulence.

Prelims 2)
The origin of the name X is uncertain. According to Paul Ford's Companion to X, there is no indication that Y was alluding to the ancient Italian Umbrian city Nequinium, which the conquering Romans renamed X in 299 BC after the river Nar. However, since Y studied classics at Oxford, it is possible that he came across at least some of the seven or so references to X in Latin literature.[ There is also the possibility (but no solid evidence) that Y, who studied medieval and Renaissance literature, was aware of a reference to Lucia von X ("Lucy of X") in a 1501 German text, Wunderliche Geschichten von geistlichen Weybbildern ("Wondrous stories of monastic women") by Ercole d'Este.

(Rachit,bhatta,nitish,bannerjee,apoorv,abhinav,shankhayan forbidden to answer)

Francis Ford Cuppola

Part of what has facilitated _____________'s spread are the reactions it causes. Hundreds of videos exist on YouTube of users showing the original video to their friends and taping their reactions. Even Joe Rogan, host of Fear Factor, a show notorious for the disgusting things its contestants eat, had to turn away in a reaction video posted to his blog. A reaction video starring Kermit the Frog proved very popular on the community-based popularity website Digg. In January 2008, Slate magazine documented the reaction video phenomenon with a slideshow featuring various reactions. The video is mentioned during a cutaway of the Family Guy episode "Back to the Woods", where Brian shows the video to Stewie and films his reaction.

Uploading Questions

Maybe you could upload all the questions ( atleast the prelims) onto the blog.... something i was too lazy to do....
or atleast your own questions???